Do you need a lot of taco's for an event? Well our Taco Party Packs will fit all your needs.  We give you all the fix in's and you assemble the taco's.  No more soggy or cold taco's.  Great for office lunch parties, birthday parties, graduations, reunions or  just for dinner. 

With each party pack you will get taco meat (either heated or unheated), sauce (your choice of mild, hot, or el Scorcho or all three), lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes.  You can also pick between hard and soft taco's or have some of each

25 Taco's       $ 39.50

50 Taco's       $ 79.00

75 Taco's       $ 118.50

    100 Taco's      $ 158.00    

Place your Party Pack today.  Please order 1 days in advance and we do try to accommodate any special requests. We will call confirming ordering as soon as we see it!

Order Now

Must be 1 day in advance

What kind of shells
Sauces, can choose one or up to three
How do you want the meat?
Would you like tomatoes?

If you don't hear from us within 24 hours please text this number 7245449606

ADDRESS: 2210 3rd Avenue New Brighton, Pa, 15066

Tel: 724-847-4265


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